Fix Broken Home Button

A common problem we've come across lately are iOS devices with home buttons that don't work properly. Hands up if you've had this problem? If you have there's a temporary solution that's quick and easy. It'll make your life easier and help you out while you're waiting to get your iPhone fixed or waiting for a new one. 
In a few seconds you can turn on the assistive touch feature and start using a virtual home button instead.
First select settings, scroll down to general and then choose accessibility. Scroll down to physical & motor, select assistive touch, turn it on and then you're done.

Your new assistive touch button will appear in the bottom right corner of your iPhone which is the default position. You can move the button around the screen by dragging it with your finger.

If you tap the button it'll open and you can access its features like favourites, gestures and device.

Another great feature is the button will automatically move if it's covering an important feature or button on the phone. For example if you're writing a text message, the button will move away from the send button.

This is a great temporary solution to keep in mind for your iOS devices.
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